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The official site of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece (in Greek)

The official site of the Holy Metropolis of North and South America (Metropolitan Demetrios)
The official site of the Diocese of Etna and Portland of the GOC of Greece, (Bishop Auxentius)

 St. Gregory of Sinai Monastery
Provides articles and homilies on the Faith.  Icon Workshop.

 Saint John of San Francisco Monastery

Articles on the Orthodox Faith.   Metropolitan Demetrios' Schedule. News of the Monastery. Photo Gallery of events at  the Monastery.  Candleshop.

Saint Synklitike Convent
Audio files of writings of the Fathers. Guide to Studying the Holy Bible.  Photo Gallery of the Convent's Flower Garden.

The Holy Metropolis of Oropos and Phyle
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Articles and Video files on Ecumenism. English periodical.

Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia Remnant
Very Informative on a variety of subjects.  Articles and News on the Faith
An extensive collection of informative texts highlighting the heretical ecclesiology of Ecumenism. Many links to other sites. 

The Orthodox Christian Page in America
Very Informative on a variety of subjects.  Contains many prayers and the full English text of the Divine Liturgy. Data base containing the Gospel Readings for every day of the year. Many links to other sites.
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