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After many years of speculating and planning, Holy Ascension Monastery is finally actualizing this magnificent dream. This year on the Feast of the Ascension of Christ (June 2, 2011), five Bishops and four priests blessed the foundations for the new church on a picturesque hill at the monastery. God willing, the building will become the catholicon or main church of our monastery. It will also be a beacon of Orthodoxy in the region and a unique building for America.

Hagia Sophia at Holy Ascension Monastery will be a 1/5th scale replica of the original Hagia Sophia in Constantinople built by the devout Emperor Justinian the Great. In accordance with the express wish of Metropolitan Paul, the replica will copy the original as closely as possible, incorporating only a few simplifications due to its smaller size.

Please send donations to:
 HOLY ASCENSION MONASTERY, 521 Cold Brook Road, Bearsville, NY, 12409